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Best of Show at the Stirling Gallery Beatles Show

About Me

Third Place in the Brooksville Blueberry Festival
Canal view


I am a creative soul inspired by color, texture and chocolate!

I have been doodling since I can remember, studied a bit of design in college and then raised a family ( kept the creative juices flowing with kid projects, classroom crafting and the occasional painting). 

I became more serious about my art  in the last few years as I find myself with an empty nest and more time to  create.   Finally overcoming my fear of public speaking, I now    love to inspire others to find their  own creativity      through  teaching   art classes and    sharing my passion .

 I specialize in one of a kind pet portraits, working in acrylics, pastels and oils.... whichever best suits the subject matter.  The biggest compliment to me is getting    an emotional response from my client and know that I have done my job well when they are literally moved to tears.  "The eyes are the windows to the soul" holds  very true in the world of portraiture!


More recently, I have stepped out of my comfort zone doing more abstract pieces and larger works including a few murals!

Cheers!   The best is yet to come...

Floral still life in teal vase
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